So what do you want from your lawyer…?

big office, legions of support staff, hourly rates?
Sorry, we can’t help with any of that.

But if you want plain-speaking and clear-thinking legal expertise, if you want to get started, if you want advisers who are passionate about what they do… No clutter, no trinkets, no fuss, just straightforward business sense. This is how we do things. Stick around because we’re going to change the way you think about lawyers.

This is *particular. England’s most radical and innovative commercial law firm. We pride ourselves in delivering expert legal advice and assistance to businesses who want their lawyers to engage on client-friendly terms.

You don’t pay for fancy offices or legions of backroom staff. You won’t be presented with acres of options and left to make your own decision. What you get is a team of entrepreneurial well-connected lawyers who have pledged themselves to do everything they can to make your business a success.

Join the *particular revolution. Let’s get stuff done.

We’re revolutionising our website, so for now please contact us on...

0203 503 0896

Newcastle Offices
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Sunco House
5 Carliol Square
Newcastle upon Tyne

London Offices
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